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Client: Inflxion
Sector: Finance, Crypto
MUT Roles: Design, Development
Project Time: 1 month

Inflxion provides consultancy on digital assets and Bitcoin to high net worth clients, hedge funds and market infrastructures. The site requirement was to introduce Inflxion consultancy services, provide snippets of in-depth digital asset articles and reports with download links, embedded videos, and a contact form.

Initial Brief

The initial brief was to create a website which is calm and elegant, using simple UX to capture the essence of the vision and paradigm shift of digital assets. The main call-to-action is for visitors to complete a contact form and provide their email information. In terms of design, the client requested white background with black text, using Oswald typography. Other design guidance was to use fractal imagery.

Design & Conception

Design work began with the logo. Please see a write up of the logo creation here. Because initial content was quite limited it was decided to create a one-page website. The page is divided into 7 sections:

  • Above the fold
  • Introduction
  • Services
  • About
  • Research Articles
  • Video
  • Contact

One of the challenges of creating a one-page website is to encourage users to scroll down through the content. Each section of the site is introduced with flow and movement, to guide the user through on a journey. A burger menu is included for users who'd like to navigate the page content quickly.


To optimise for page speed is built as a one-page static website, using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP to handle the contact form. To power the on-scroll animations, GSAP and ScrollMagic Javascript libraries are used. For the "Asset Class" particle background animation, a lightweight JS library called particles.js was used.


The main challenge for one-page websites is SEO. The reflected lighthouse score below is due to in-page anchor tags not being "crawlable":

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