Choice Hosting Is Lighter On The Planet 🌍

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Overview: Green or Eco Web Hosting can provide carbon neutral hosting solutions, powered by renewable energy.

Measuring Impact

Website Carbon Calculator allows you to enter any web-address to calculate how much CO2 is produced every time someone visits a particular web page. One research study indicates that by 2025 the internet could use 20% of all electricity and emit up to 5.5% of the world’s carbon emissions!

One thing we can do to help is choose eco friendly or green web hosting.

What is green web hosting?

Green web hosting companies try to minimise their environmental impact. They power their data centers with renewable energy, as well as take care of how data is transmitted to and from their data centers.

Where to find green web hosting providers?

If you already have a hosting provider, it is worth researching their sustainability or environmental policies. You may be pleasantly surprised!

The Green Web Foundation has a useful directory of hosts from around the world.

In the UK, here is a short list of green hosting providers you may want to consider.